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It gives me immense pleasure, satisfaction and opportunity to present our initiatives and achievements of the year 2017-18. It is addition of one more year and completion of 29 years towards, to uplift the social and economic life of the poorest of thepoor and vulnerable groups of the society. With the effort of ABHIYAN poor has taken a giant leap towards improvement in thestatus. The organization has spread it’s efforts, mobilization, actions and programs at 97 blocks in Bihar and 2 blocks in Jharkhand States with the kind and sincere efforts of socially dedicated community volunteers and ABHIYAN staffs. The Organization activities have reach up to most marginalized andvulnerable section of people with more than 23461 households of various natures. The Organization has continue Abhiyan Sandesh,Neg Nagada magazines published to make the community andother stakeholders aware of ABHIYAN initiatives and global development issues.

In 2017-18, ABHIYAN has taken up some of the most challengingdevelopment tasks on multiple development issues of the region.We concentrated on working on different development issues likeeducation to child labour, santhal, challenged and poorest of thepoor children, value addition to santhal children education in closecoordination with govt. education department, womenempowerment, water sanitation and health, reproductive andchild health, strengthening of Community Based Organization, TB campaign, skill training and placement of unemployed youth, RTI,RTE, CACL, sustainable agriculture, right to food, disability etc. indeepening mode with sustainability approach. Our integrated andcommunity centered approach has deepen the scope ofempowerment of poor and benefited to last door of the underserved community. Cross learning, orientation, training, exposure improved the confidence and leadership ability of youthand women.

In the same time the Organization has made special effortstowards Liquor prohibition (Sarebbandi), counseling and legalsupport to migrant labour, through establishing Migrated LabourForum Bihar. Also continued the long term awareness programsi.e. total literacy, Universalization of immunization, populationexplosion, family planning, AIDS, Communal harmony,environment conservation etc. and strengthening the grass rootpeople in a pro poor way through the “People’s Committee”. Webelieve, that hard work that has been put in, have startedshowing results and the same would be evident in near future.

We have focused intervention at Jehanabad, Nalanda, Patna,Supaul, Purnea, Gaya districts (Bihar) and Sahebganj, Pakur,Ranchi districts (Jharkhand) with special emphasis of makingcommunity and govt. sensitive towards the well being of poorestof the poor.

In the meantime, I express my gratitude to entire team ofABHIYAN, who make the service to the vulnerable section of community enjoyable and to the generosity of all the donors inproviding funds to implement our interventions. We are alsothankful to community as we learnt a lot through them.Anticipating your sincere cooperation, aids, guidance and blessingto achieve our dream.


Name of Organiation ABHIYAN
Type of Organization: Society/ Trust / Company Society
Registration No. of Organization with date 513/91-92 dated 09 Dec 1991
FCRA Registration No. & dated 031170097 dated 24 Jul 1996
Income Tax Registration u/s 12A S No. 22/1998-99 dated 06 Nov 1998
Income Tax Registration U/S 80G 1871/2010-11 dated 01/03/2011
Income Tax PAN No. AAATM44768R
Income Tax PAN No. PTNA01608F
Name & Designation of CEO with contact No., email ID A.K. Chandrabhushan, SecretaryMob :- 09431017405, 7739437636 abhiyanoffice@gmail.comabhiyanindia1@gmail.comabhiyanjharkhand1991@gmail.com
Name & Address of Statutory Audito RaghunandanLala& Co. CharteredAccountants, Post Office Building, Punaichak

The Origin

Inspired with Gandhi Jee, VinobaBhave, Lohia and LokNayak Jai PrakashNaryan a group of people with improved social devotion and feeling organized themselves and formed a voluntary Organization with aim “To establish a just Society in which no one remain hungry, unemployed, illiterate and exploited.” ABHIYAN came into existence on the eve of International Women’s Day in 1991 and got registered under societies Registration Act, 21, 1860.

It emphasizes on upliftment of vulnerable, ultra poor and challenged section of the community through mobilizing community, different stakeholders and making decision influencers & govt. sensitive towards grass prime development issues. It is creating awareness against ignorance, myths, superstition, suppression and exploitations and dedicated to wipe out social stigma of caste, creed and religion. In the principle of homogeneity and philanthropic ideology, effort is to educate, organize, sensitize, empower and mainstreaming disadvantage section of the community. It has strong believe on participatory approach and blending of professionalism with social feeling.

Objective :

(a) Campaigning against poverty, inequality, exploitation, injustice and ignorance.

(b) Empowerment of the rural villagers through formation and strengthening of Self-help groups, livelihood promotion and encouraging scientific agricultural practices.

(c) To create awareness and organize rural poor towards their rights, entitlement, duties and responsibilities by providing information and sensitization.

(d) To mainstream disadvantage and challenged children with education and ensure reach of benefits and rights.

(e) To improve water, sanitation and health status at rural villages through convergence with concerned govt. department.

(f) Improving health and reproductive health status of mother, children and adolescent girls at the rural villages.

(g) To strengthen local self-governance particularly to elected women representatives through sensitizing capacity building, improving decision making ability and developing leadership skill.

(h) Rehabilitation of persons with disabilities in the communities and convergence with govt. schemes and programs.

(i) Socio-economic and cultural empowerment of rural poor women.

(k) Community sensitization towards environment conservation.

(l) To make local governance and govt. officials sensitive for convergence of poor with different govt. Schemes and programs.

(m) Skill development of rural youth including female, adolescent and women members in environment friendly trades.

(n) Livelihood promotion of poor, small and marginal framers.


S.No. Name Age Sex Position of Board Occupation
1 Ms. Kranti Sharma 55 Female President Social Work
2 Amerndra Kumar
46 Male Secretary Social Work
3 Ms.Nitya Mishra 41 Female Treasurer social work
4 Ms. Akhtary Begum 35 Female Member social work
5 Ms. Sudama Devi 52 Female Member social work
6 Mr. Manoj Kumar 33 Male Member social work
7 Mr. Arvind Kumar 50 Male Member social work
8 Sushmita Singh 46 Female Member social work

Working Strategy :

To involve primary beneficiary, community and local governance in program planning, Implementation, monitoring and evaluation and making Government machinery sensitive.

ABHIYAN believes in a overall development and mainstreaming of ultra poor, poorest of the poor, children, women and underprivileged section of society, it also believes in complete eradication of child labor, trafficking and mainstreaming Santhali children with Hindi language.

The Organization regularly publish children magazine called NEG NAGARA with focus on deprived and Santhal children. It’s focused on the children initiatives and various activities related to education. The Organization has also started magazine with the objective of first hand information and sensitization to community and various stakeholders of child rights , child labour, right to education, legal rights etc. concerning children.

Women Self Help Group, Federation, BalSanshad, Adolescent girls group, Mata Samiti, Village Education Committee, Community Volunteers, Community Resource persons etc. are formed, oriented and strengthened by our organization to achieve the organizational goal. Children have participation in various such committees. For providing better education opportunity, higher

education, diverse education and information on innovations in education, the Organization has promoted and established Library at the areas, where there is education programs for deprived children.

Target Group :

Scheduled Caste, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Caste, Women, Children, Minorities, People with disability Adolescents, Young married youths & Old aged person, single women, widow, Disaster victim, migrate labor, leprosy-T.B. Patient etc.

Outreach :

7 districts i.e. Jehanabad, Arwal, Gaya, Supaul& Patna, (Bihar), Sahibganj&Pakur (Jharkhand0 including 09 Blocks, 87 Panchayats, 465 Villages, 4 Slums and covering about 175325 beneficiaries.

Networking/support Organization

 National Trust, New Delhi

 Credibility Alliance, New Delhi

 Resorce Alliance, New Delhi

 AVARD, New Delhi

 VANI, New Delhi

 NBJK, Hazaribag

 VAPI, Bihar

 BVHA, Patna

 BVCA, Patna

 Wada Na Todo Abhiyan

 Women Power Connect, New Delhi

 Nehru Yuva Kendra, Patna

 Bihar Women’s Network, Patna

 BachhokeSathi

 MahilaLokSamiti


 Dalit Vahini

 Right to Food Compaign

 Bihar SwaikshikManch

 Voluntary Forum for education

 Bihar ViklangAdhikarManch, Patna

 Jharkhand RTE Forum

 Bihar Pravasi Mazdoor Forum


Networking/support Organization

 New Education Group Foundation for Innovation Research in Education (NEGFIRE), New Delhi

 DKA/kfb, Austria (Europe)

 India Lireracy Project, USA

 ViswaYuvak Kendra, New Delhi

 The Australian High Commisssion, New Delhi

 GOONJ, New Delhi

 Damien Foundation of India Trust.

 Jharkhand RTE Forum

 TDH, Germany

 Gandhi Smriti Evam Darshan Samiti


Significant Collaboration in the Past

 MisereorArchen, Germany

 Give India, Mumbai


 CASA India

 WDC, Bihar, Patna

 CEE, Lucknow

 RYCC, Patna

 Cordaid, the Netherlands

 Trickle Up Programme, USA

 UNICEF, Patna

 IGSSS, New Delhi

 DIC Sahibganj

 NEG, New Delhi

 Prativesh, Patna


 Social Welfare Board, Patna

 Prakalp, Sheikhpura& Patna

 CEDPA India, Patna

 CEE, Ahmadabad

 CAPART, Patna/New Delhi


 Min of HRD, New Delhi

 CWS, Secunderabad

 Jharkhand Education Project, Ranchi

 PRIA, Patna

 Sir Dorabji TATA Trust

 ADRA, India

 CBR Forum, Banglore

 NABARD, Jharkhand

 Australlian High Commission

 MahilaJagran Kendra, Patna

 Bihar Women’s Network, Patna

 Different Departments of Bihar & Jharkhand.


Socio Economic Empowerment programme, Livelihood Promotion, Skill up gradation, Training, CBR to Disabled, Health, Hygiene & Sanitation, Reproductive and Child Health, Education, Right to Education Leadership Development, Panchayati Raj, Advocacy and Governance, Human Awareness, Networking, Training, Awareness and Flood Relief and Rehabiliation, T.B. , Leprosy awareness campaign, Global warming etc.

AVARD, New Delhi

NBJK, Hazaribag

BVHA, Patna

Bachho Ke Sathi

Dalit Vahini

Mahila Lok Samiti

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